IE Epic Snowbike Rentals

Come and experience the EPIC snow conditions of the Rocky Mountains. Stokd Times has a fleet of 2021 Sherco 450 Timbersleds ready to ride the POW around the Bozeman/Big Sky peaks.

Don’t be put off by the awesomeness – snowbikes are perfect for beginner & intermediate dirt bike riders. Book a two-day rental: Day 1 to get the hang of it, and go off the hook on Day 2!

Questions? Call us (406) 318-5387

The Bear Walker

Want to enjoy and explore the incredible terrain around the Bozeman, Big Sky area? Are you visiting Bozeman or the surrounding area, and you are the only one without an eBike? Stokd Times rents TREK Rail 7, 9.7, and 9.9 eMTBs .

Call to reserve your eMTB: (406) 318-5387